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Cinder Pumpkin will be a 20 minute-short film. It will be shot on November 16-22, 2013 and screened at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA in Spring 2014.

Due to it's challenging nature in terms of story, considerable amount of talent needed and the compelling visual and cinematic standards that the film plans to achieve, this campaign was created in order to find supporters like you to help us raise the bar and make this production beyond amazing, as it's creative team envisions it to be.

Our goal is to reach $8,000.00 USD by the first week of November. However, every little bit helps, as it will put a spark of magic in this production. Every single contribution will go towards one of these assets that will make Cinder Pumpkin unforgettable:

  • Hiring a professional Director of Photography

  • Shooting on a Arri ALEXA® camera

  • Provide catering for five days for 50 actors and crew members

  • Have a hairdressing and make up team to bring to life the characters of a larger-than-life party scene

  • Secure locations that will bring a creative component to the story: classroom, school hallway, school courtyard, house party and Cinder´s bedroom

  • Publicity allow this amazing story to reach more and more people

  • Entry fees to submit Cinder Pumpkin to film festivals

  • Your help will not only make a significant difference, it will also be rewarded. We have different amazing surprises depending on our contribution!


 Cinder Pumpkin shooting on ARRI ALEXA

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