Great News! Listen Out!

Written by Fi Dieter on .

Writer/ Director Stephanie Dieter has joined the forces of the uprising Indie filmmaking movement that will be known as Geek Vogue, making Cinder Pumpkin one of its pioneers!
Cinematic works representing the Geek Vogue movement are prone to explore a 21st century social phenomenon in which it is becoming trendy to be unique. This is as paradoxical as the idea that unfashionable, socially-awkward individuals are the new icons of fashion and human behavior.

Nevertheless, through the voice of independent filmmakers who have been personally influenced by this phenomenon, it is intended to be proven as a reality that is influencing the modern society. People who were rejected for being incompatible with stereotypes are now starting to handle the reins of pop culture standards.

Now, whenever you contribute to this campaign or any other "I am Geek Vogue" film project, you'll receive a member-exclusive button! Hurry up and get yours along with other awesome perks!

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